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One of the "20 Best"

December 29, 2018

We’re one of the “20 Best Caves in the US!” Makauwahi Cave Reserve was listed #14 in a recent travel site’s assessment of caves open to the public around the country. There we are, right between Luray Caverns, Virginia, a National Natural Landmark, and Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the longest cave in the world. These two famous underground places made a great impression on me when I visited them as a youngster.

Drone photo of Makauwahi Cave

Drone’s-eye view of Makauwahi Cave (photo by Toby Ralph)

VacationIdea is an online travel magazine that receives about 3 million unique visits per month. Their postings are often featured in a wide range of local, national, and international news media. “These 20 caves are among the most spectacular of their kind in the country,” they write. Under “14. Makauwahi Cave Reserve” they provide an accurate description and also say that “…it is considered to be the most important fossil site within the greater Pacific island region, showcasing a sinkhole paleolake containing more than 10,000 years of sedimentary records.”

Thanks, VacationIdea! One statement that we’re asking them to update: beginning in early January, we will be open 7 days per week, from 10-2, and from 10-4 on Saturday and Sunday.

By David Burney


David Burney on January 10, 2019

You can park near CJM Stables and make a short walk, or you can have a longer but quite scenic hike down from the Hyatt in Poipu via the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail.

Mark Gordon on January 8, 2019

How do we get to you with the road closed?