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December 29, 2015

Mahalo to Santa for all the gifts to the Reserve this year:  thanks to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, for instance, for partially funding our much-needed new bridge; and to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA), Grove Farm, and the Community Restoration Partnerships for helping get our Native Plant Nursery off to a great start.

But dear Santa, not to sound greedy, but the project needed some other things that were on your list that haven’t arrived yet.  If you know any generous elves that haven’t had a chance to click our PayPal button on the website, give ‘em a nudge, will you?  We need new picnic tables, a new wind turbine for our off-grid electrical system, another print round of trail brochures…well, you know, the list goes on…


Ted Klontz on January 21, 2016

Hours and days please? Thank you Will return.

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