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Hurrah for our Interns!

September 17, 2015

Our current interns (l-r): Luana Deng, Mallory Russo, Liz Eggimann, and Sarah Mincer.

College interns have a long history at Makauwahi Cave Reserve, with students from many institutions helping us with all phases of the increasingly complex operation, including cave tours, site maintenance, research, plant propagation, and tortoise wrangling.

Students who have gained on-the-job experience already in 2015 have included Jennifer Ruud and Sequoia Ponzio-Young (Antioch College, Ohio); Sarah Mincer and Luana Deng (Vassar College, New York); Mallory Russo (Fordham University, New York); and Elizabeth Eggimann (Pace University, New York). We expect that a new “crop” of interns will be arriving this fall from Antioch College.


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